Video marketing applied to social media

Video Marketing Applied to Social Media

If you are looking for how to apply video marketing to social media, you are not alone. Video marketing has gained much popularity to draw audiences across the globe. And most e-commerce businesses are trying to form a social media video marketing strategy for their online businesses. Luckily, many ways are there for that. Here is a 10-step guide to creating successful video marketing on social media. Read on.

What is social media video marketing?

Social video marketing involves an integrated marketing approach to engage more potential customers using a video and activities around that. It combines content, distribution, and consumer awareness to promote any product or service.

Why video marketing is important?

Social media videos experience a popularity exploration in recent years. A vast majority of consumers prefer watching videos to other types of content. There is a saying that an image conveys more than thousands of words. You can amplify it by another thousand when it comes to displaying a video. Videos include movements and they engage the audience with their unique audio-visual effect. Video marketing encourages social shares, improves SEO, and builds trust, besides increasing brand awareness, traffic, and sales.

Developing social media video marketing strategies

A clear purpose and strategy are essential, necessary, and vital for successful video marketing. Else, you are likely to be in a whirlpool of multiple shooting and editing. The following 10 steps can help you avoid that.

Set your goal

Video marketing applied to social media

It is vital to set the goal for video marketing at the beginning. You should be clear about your purpose and what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to create a video for improving brand awareness or conversion. Video marketing has many stages. You must consider the stage in which your video fits. A marketing video can have many purposes. However, start-ups should begin with one or two goals. It will help to include an appropriate CTA to make it effective. Also, connect with stakeholders for finalization.

Choose the target audience

Video marketing applied to social media

You must have target audiences in mind while creating a video. It is a vital element of social media video marketing strategy. The popularity of your video also depends on this. So, you must create a solid buyer persona and find out where they are mostly present. If by chance, you already have a buyer persona, then you must regularly update it.

Fix a timeline and budget

Video marketing applied to social media

A video happens to be a short, quick, and low-cost form of film. It usually needs fewer resources. However, making a video can take more time and be expensive. Proper planning and management are necessary to save time and money. As such, you must set a clear timeline for every stage of video making, and keep a buffer for unexpected delays. It will help you to overcome challenges and start marketing timely within your budget.

Plan the content

Video marketing applied to social media

Planning the content helps to save time and money. Whether you use a traditional pen & paper or use a flow chart, you must be clear about its production and display. For this, you must write a script and edit it. You will also need to create a storyboard and identify the filming location, and accessories for DIY planning. Alternatively, you can hire a pro for this.

Schedule and promote

Video marketing applied to social media

You need to schedule and promote the video once that is complete. It is required to make your social media video marketing successful. You can publish a video on several social media channels by customizing it to the channel’s requirements.

Do post-production checks

Video marketing applied to social media

Consider what the post-production entails, as the video will showcase your brands. It involves more than editing scenes and adding music. You must include catchy captions and subtitles to make the video attractive and engaging. Text overlays and call-to-action options are great for refining the video. You also have to optimize the word count and visuals to make it outstanding. You can also tag and detailed captions depending on the channel.

Choose the best platform

Video marketing applied to social media

Social media includes various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. To make your marketing video, you must decide where you want to publish it. Different channels have different specs for average view time, size and sound limitations, communities, etc. One has to stick to the channel requirements. You should look for complementary channels to repurpose your video on different channels.

Select video types

Video marketing applied to social media

Choosing the right type of video is another vital element of social media video marketing strategy. Your videos should tell a story. Moreover, it should address the pain points of the audience and offer solutions. You can use social media videos for many purposes. It could be educational or how-to-do, interview, explainer, entertaining, demo, testimonials, etc. No matter what type of video you are making, it must attract, engage, and delight viewers to entail good conversions.

Work with influencers

Video marketing applied to social media

Working with influencers is a great way to do video marketing on social media channels. Influencers are persons enjoying a large number of followers on social media platforms. They also have the skills and experience and can promote a product or service through interviews, Question-and-answer sessions, reviews, etc. They can get more interactions and make your video marketing a great success.

Understand and analyze

Video marketing applied to social media

You must understand and analyze video metrics to check the performance of your video marketing drive. Each social media platform has native analytics that demonstrates the performance of a video. You should pick only those metrics that are compatible with your goals and purposes. You can also perform A/B testing to test the performance of your video.

In passing

Video production has become cost-effective with the introduction of new technologies. Now you can shoot a high-quality video using a Smartphone.  Social media can also act as a powerful tool to increase brand visibility and awareness. Now that you have gone through 10 social media video marketing tips, apply them for a roaring business.






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