How To Make A Great Video For Instagram

The power of Instagram is limitless, and every day the platform is getting bigger and bigger. Initially, Instagram is used for entertainment purposes, but now the platform is used for earning money, expanding the business, and for many more things. The best part is Instagram has been purchased by Facebook, so now it is paired with the world’s biggest social media platform. The platform is moving with over 1 billion monthly users, so it is always a difficult task to make a great video that will make our account stand unique from others. In this article, we will discuss everything about Instagram videos and how to make an interesting video for Instagram.

What types of videos are available on Instagram?

Instagram videos are getting more popular in recent times as 91% of people have reported that they are watching the videos on regular basis. There are new ways developing to present the videos in a better way to attract the target audience. Now, Instagram videos come in four different ways which are reels, live, stories, and Instagram videos.

Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are inspired by Snapchat, and it is 15-second videos that will get disappear within 24 hours. On your Instagram page, if you swipe right from the home screen, then you will see the options for creating a story.

Instagram Reels


Instagram reels are the latest format and it is inspired by TikTok so got wide popularity in a shorter time. The length of the reels will be 15 to 30 seconds, and it comes with a number of features like green screen mode, AR filter, text, and speed controls.

Instagram Feed Video


This Instagram format is introduced in 2021, and it replaced IGTV by combining it with in-feed video posts. The length of such a video will go 60 minutes and it will give creative freedom that most users won’t get on other platforms.

Instagram Live


Instagram live is a feature of whether the creator can have a direct connection with the audience. Instagram live can be done in the form of interviews, hosting workshops, and other such things. The live option in Instagram can be started by swiping right or tapping the plus icon, and toggling to Live.

9 killer tips to create a video for Instagram:

Produce high-quality video content

Most people who are using social media platforms will love to enjoy high-quality video content. So, the videos you post should be professional, and you need to share them proudly. Either prefers a professional camera, or else you can try the smartphone that comes with good camera settings.

Get in and out quickly

Instagram has expanded the length of the video from 15 to 60 seconds, but you should not think that users have a lot of time to watch your video. You need to hit the viewers with something interesting or they will go for other videos. So, make sure you tell your content in a shorter time without making the audience wait for long.

Be mindful of the Instagram videos specifications

Before you upload any video on Instagram, make sure the video come under a certain specification so that you will get the best user experience. The video should be in the MP4 file format, minimum resolution of 720 pixels, and can last for 60 seconds to 1 hour.

Other important things to attract the audience are keeping the video short and precise, using the language that people relate to, and also using some effects or attractive background in the video.

Thumbnail matters the most

People scroll the Instagram feed randomly and the one thing that will make them stop and watch your video is the thumbnail. While uploading the video, it will ask you to choose a scene from the video as a cover. Make sure you are choosing the right shot from the video and making it a perfect thumbnail.

Add title, description, and hashtags

The video for Instagram should have a captivating title and description, and also use hashtags so that it will reach awider audience in a shorter duration. The video title should be 18 to 20 characters and in the description mention why the user needs to watch your video. Also, use the right hashtag so that the non-followers can also watch your video.

Add a teaser or preview

Before posting the video, Instagram shows an option of preview and if you click the preview, the user will be able to see 60 seconds of preview even if they don’t play it. This is the best way to attract users who are just scrolling through the video.

Plan on creating a series of videos

It is the best idea to create a series of videos on a specific topic, and if it is interesting the user will eagerly anticipate the next video. For this, choosing the right content and presenting it in an innovative way is important.

Create unique video content

The content of the video plays a huge role and just remember you need to prepare content that should stand unique in the sea of Instagram videos. Before picking the niche, choose your audience, and what they love to see on your page. You can create a video for Instagram either depending on the current trend or go according to the trend waves.

Cross-prompt the videos

Once the video has been successfully updated, now it is time to cross-prompt them on various social media platforms. If you have uploaded the Instagram feed then upload it in their story, if you have made an Instagram live, then mention it on  IGTV. Even you can promote the content on other social media platforms to increase the engagement rate.

Bottom line:

Even Instagram shares similar fundamentals to YouTube, as the main role is to keep the viewer engaged to achieve long-term success. Also, editing the videos plays an important role as the competitors on the platform are many, so make sure to present the video as attractive and professional. There are different editing tools available online; maybe you can use any one of them.





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