Getting more Instagram impressions organically: easy tips

Getting More Instagram Impressions Organically: Easy Tips

Instagram happens to be a gold mine for social media marketing. Whether you are a start-up or a large brand, Instagram can promote your sales by reaching a large number of audiences. Like any other marketing strategy, one needs to check the performance of the internet marketing drive. Instagram impressions play a vital part in this. Read on to know more about it.

What are Instagram Impressions?

Getting more Instagram impressions organically: easy tips

Instagram has many metrics like posts, engagements, etc. Instagram impression and Instagram reach are the two most important metrics that one should consider while analyzing a marketing campaign on Instagram. These two metrics are the key elements. They are also closely related. While these potential metrics look almost the same, they are significantly different. The impression denotes the number of times a particular Instagram was viewed and the reach tells the number of people who viewed the video. If you have 100 followers and posted 3 videos using analyzed hashtags, the number of impressions will be 100 x 3 or 300 impressions.

What is Instagram reach?

Getting more Instagram impressions organically: easy tips

Instagram reach is the number of accounts that have seen a particular post. Suppose you have 100 followers on Instagram. It means that your post enjoys an Instagram reach of 100. But this is not the case always. It is because the Instagram algorithm shows posts only to those accounts that are likely to be interested in the content. As such, less interested accounts may miss your post. Moreover, many followers of public accounts are bots without any interaction.

Checking Instagram impressions

Getting more Instagram impressions organically: easy tips

Checking impressions on Instagram is easy. You will find all the metrics if you go to the insights dashboard, Scrolling down to the bottom of the activity dashboard will get you to the impressions. To check impressions of your recent post, you have to go to the post and click on insights. You will get the number of impressions on the bottom right. It is as simple as that.

Instagram reach versus impressions

It is a dilemma that confuses video marketers and social media users. Although people tend to use these terms interchangeably, they are not the same. Reach typically shows the number of users exposed to your Instagram post. Impression denotes the number of times the users are exposed to the post. Holders of Instagram creator accounts or business profiles need to click on ‘View Insights’ to access them. Besides showing the reach and impression, it also shows the percentage of users not following the account. If a user sees your post and visits your profile multiple time times, that counts as a single reach and multiple impressions.

Tips to boost Instagram impressions

Getting more Instagram impressions organically: easy tips

Maybe you are trying to build an Instagram strategy for your marketing drive or looking to improve your existing Instagram marketing. The following tips can help.

Take advantage of features and formats

Instagram happens to be one of the leading social media platforms for visual posts. It comes with a wide array of features and enjoys great popularity.  The options include Instagram stories, quizzes, reels, live streaming, filters, etc. An account holder can use them and various other engagement tools to draw a large number of audiences. Instagram also offers two-way communication between the account holder and the customer. One can grow impressions on Instagram utilizing these features and formats.

Use geotags

Most Instagram marketing pivots around localized markets. An Instagram geotag is a geographic location tagged in an Instagram post. When one adds a geotag to the post, it allows the post to live in the specified location.  It helps to get more engagement as Instagram users typically search for products and services based on location; rather than on hashtags. While getting new followers on Instagram could be quite challenging, geotags help to grow the account. And with more engagement, it is likely to get more impressions.

Use trendy hashtags

One should check what hashtags are currently in trend and use them for Instagram posts. They are a great way to have new followers and grow more Instagram impressions. For this, you must research different hashtags. It is best to hashtags of medium size. You can also use hashtags based on location, age, interest, etc. to target a large audience. Use popular hashtags relevant to your niche. They will help to boost your marketing drive.

Take advantage of Instagram ads

Instagram ads come with a large shop now button. It helps viewers directly access the website of the advertiser. You must use ads that are specific to your niche and target audience, it is easy to set up when you have an Instagram business profile. Instagram ads are ideal to get tons of exposure. It ensures that the right audiences watch your post. It helps to get more impressions on Instagram, organically.

Post at the peak hour

Like any other sphere of life and work, time is of utmost importance in getting more Instagram impressions for your posts. If you post your Instagram content at the right time it is sure to boost impressions. Users generally remain most active on Instagram on Mondays between 3 PM and 4 PM. Also, check when your followers remain more active. By posting during these peak hours, your post is likely to get more views and impressions to take your business to the next level.

Explore the social side

One has to do many things to get more impressions on Instagram. But remember that socializing stays at the core of Instagram and none can be successful by ignoring the social aspect of Instagram. One needs to interact with followers regularly and reply to their queries. One must also appreciate them for their comments. When you do a well-balanced social interaction it is going to get you more organic impressions.


Now that you have reached these lines, you know what Instagram impressions are, and how to boost them. They provide valuable insights into the performance of your Instagram marketing strategy. Employ them and reap the benefits of successful marketing.






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